We love an outdoors wedding and with the weather set to reach sizzling highs this week, we have a feeling this summer’s going to be a real hottie. It seems to be the prime time for weddings too. I for one have two ab fab ceremonies to attend this August (note to self: must go shopping and must not do a ‘Patsy’). Yep, it’s clear to see that 2016 has taken a pretty harsh battering from Cupid’s arrows, luckily the team at Beau & Bell are prepared for such crimes of passion…

I’m guessing you might be looking to put an exciting stamp on your own wedding, right? Maybe you’re tired of the unimaginative bog standard marquee, the generic hotel room with no personality and the dullest disco DJ that even the best Diva amongst us struggle to bust a move to? If that’s the case I think you’ll definitely be needing a bit of B&B magic, I’m pretty confident that we’ll be able to tick all your boxes (we’ll do our best anyway!).

So what makes a good wedding? I think a wedding should reflect the personality of the ‘Beau & Bell(e)’ to be. Why shouldn’t you get creative, why shouldn’t you push the boat out and do what makes you happy? Use your imagination and make it what you want, it is your day after all.

So you’ve got the basis of your idea and of course a budget to stick to. You’ve got a tick list of what needs to be done and who needs to be invited, so the only thing left is to turn the ideas into a reality? *Cue* drum roll….and that’s where we come in!

Believe us when we say we’ve done this before, so whatever weird and wonderful ideas you might have I think I can say with confidence that we won’t be scared. If there’s something we don’t ourselves then rest assured we’ve got a network of preferred suppliers that we know will do the job well. We can create your very own wedding Bell village of Bell Tents which we promise to be the best dressed bell tents around and will make you very happy campers indeed. On top of that we can assist with the planning of your catering, venue dressing, entertainment, venue finding and even super dooper temporary structure that will promise to wow your guests. At previous weddings we’ve helped our Beau & Bell(e)s create their own ‘festival’, a ‘proper posh’ tea party, an upside down topsy turvy ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme and even a ‘Dead or Alive’ Wild West extravaganza.

So don’t be scared, if you’re feeling a bit last minute I pretty confident there will be a solution. Call the B&B hotline or email us for some beau-tiful ideas info@beauandbell.co.uk