While we’ve been trading for a while, our creative brains have been bubbling away trying to create our all-important identity… it’s taken a while but we think we’ve got there! We couldn’t be more excited to finally reveal our new website: a gateway into the beautiful and bespoke world of Beau & Bell and the dream team that makes it tick.

Who are we?

Our small but highly experienced team knows what you want, even if you don’t know it yourself yet. Our creative caps are on 24/7 and we have an eye for all things pretty, a passion for the outdoors and the know how to turn a camping experience into a glamping one. We’ll deliver the goods to the highest possible standard and will make sure your break away, whatever the reason, is one to remember.

Why pick a bell tent?

If you’re going to sleep outside, you may as well do it in style, it makes the experience so much more fabulous! Anyone of us can pick up a bog standard tent for 2 or for 8 but if you want an ‘experience’ and some accommodation that has style, comfort and space then we promise you Bell Tents are the way forward.

Will it add to my event?

Hell yeah! We’re fully aware of the effort that goes into planning an event. Weddings, festivals or corporate away days all require grey matter and some very careful planning. Venue – always a good place to start – is key, and then the accommodation which is where our bell tents come in…drum roll…

A village of bell tents at your event will showcase your creativity and uniqueness perfectly. Still a very original option and a million miles from the norm of a hotel room or local B&B. What’s more, and this is the bit we like most, it allows for a freedom to have fun. Instead of dealing with endless locations, planners, hotel rooms and the like, you’ll have everything in one place, not to mention the precious memories you’ll create in such a beautiful setting – every event we do is different. We’ll take you away from boring banquet halls and open your eyes to a new way of celebrating – the ‘glamping’ way.

Social Media

Explore our website to find out even more we have to offer. We’re also on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram, so send your comments our way. We’d love to hear from you!