No 1 – Be Prepared!

If you want to be a happy glamper you need an emergency camping kit. Everyone’s will be different, its just that ours happens to include chilli flakes, basil olive oil and a cute bottle of Zubrowka Vodka! The best way to prepare for your upcoming glamp is to write yourself a checklist. Sounds obvious I know, but you’d be amazed by what some of our glampers leave behind! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of handy things to take with you on your Beau & Bell experience…Whether you are doing a Tent-a-tent weekend or taking advantage of our all singing all dancing Bells & Whistles package you need to take note.

 No 2 – Glamping with a G, not Camping with a C

Remember, the whole point of glamping is to relax and have fun in stylish surroundings. That’s why you use us – cause we do all the hard graft on your behalf. You just get to turn up, kick back and relax knowing that the erecting has been done (of the bell tents of course!), ground sheet sorted, the toilet situation thought about, beds made and even the culinary equipment ticked off! There will be no ‘doing your back in’ because you’ve lugged half a house half a mile, through a forest and across a field.

You just need to remember your personal essentials. You know…Your favourite pair of jim-jams, an extra snuggle blanket for a cosy winter evening, wellie boots or flip-flops depending on the season, your headphones and an iPod. Don’t worry too much about power – if we know in advance we can source that for you

No3 – Getting There

Location, Location, Location -Depending on your glamping location, there may be some hefty travelling involved. Our number one top tip in this area is the site address and telephone, your sat nav and a map. Our secobd top tip is that in the summer months and weekends the roads get pretty jammed so have a second route option just in case. It could save you time and an unwanted argument! A survey we’ve just seen suggests that the first biggest cause of rows on a car journey is the way to go!

 No 4 – Bottled Goods

Not of the alcoholic variety I’m afraid (if you’re lucky or the newly weds we’ll supply a complimentary bottle of that)! Just a few little things  to remember to pack that might make all the difference to your glamping experience. Suncream, mozzie spray, bottled water, Calpol or parecetamol and some antihistamine – youre going to be in the big outdoors after all! If it’s in a bottle, consider it. All the best things come in ‘em!

 No 5 – Storage and other bits and bobs

We provide you with a couple of nifty storage solutions within the bell tent so don’t worry about that. You should pack some bin liners though – it will keep your temporary abode clean and tidy which will in turn keep any unwanted creepy crawlies at bay.

As for the rest of your stuff (lets face it theres always extra ‘stuff’) experience tells us you’ll keep in the car what you don’t want cluttering up the bell tent. So feel free to bring anything and everything from spare socks, midnight snacks, extra bedding, spare clothes (anything can happen with kids), a first aid kit and in the case of pressing work, your laptop. If you’re taking the family, a pack of cards and a good board game always goes down a treat.

 What if I forget something?

Pah –  it wont be the end of the world that’s for sure! We know you’ll be in a clean lovely tent, you’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep in, there will be led and battery lights so you wont be in the dark and you will be surrounded by really lovely things. This is glamping after all! We want you to feel safe, comfortable and most importantly, free of stress. Do use your checklist and try to make sure you’ve got everything before you go-go, but if something does manage to slip your mind, there will be a solution. It’s our mission to make you, our clients, very happy glampers!