It’s everso nearly camping season (small excited jumps and hand clamping expressions of glee) and we’re sat having the ‘Glamping V. Camping’ debate. I’ve been party to this conversation many times and it appears to be a subject that definitely ignites passion and at the same time undoubtedly rattles people’s cages.

The real question here is are you ‘Camp Glamp’ or ‘Camp Damp’?  And how does one define ‘Glamping’ and ‘Camping’?

According to the urban dictionary ‘Glamping is like camping but quite a bit more comfortable!’ and ‘It’s not letting go of the dirt and all that mother nature has to offer but addressing it with a feminine twist. Doing what the cub scouts do but with a vintage pin up girl attitude.’

As for camping well, ‘its To spend time with nature, leaving behind much of the technological advances and “roughing it.” or ‘getting drunk in the wilderness, in a forest with your family/friends and going back to basics’.

I’m lucky enough to know both happy campers and happy glampers. If I was to nutshell the terminology to start with there are definitely ‘campers’ that embrace the outdoors and any form of tent structure, stick whittling and sausage toasting and are extremely content roughing it on a ground sheet. Then there is a glamping experience which is rapidly forging a new approach to the outdoors and a whole new identity in itself.  It’s the new kind of travel and guess what, there’s no tent to pitch. You’ll be sleeping in style and perhaps even in a glamorous bell tent, a tepee or even a yurt! There are beds, soft flooring, cushions and comfy blankets. You don’t have to unroll your sleeping bag, you can hang your clothes up and even lounge next to a campfire that has been made for you. Just imagine…

Personally I can think of worse things to do – I love the outdoors and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty but after a hard week at work, and with time in short supply if I’m going to be spending time in the outdoors whilst getting cosy with nature I’ll be taking the best of both worlds thank you very much and Glamping it up all the way. It works at a festival, it works a wedding, it works in fields and it works with friends and family – what’s all the Camp V. Glamp fuss about, surely it’s a no brainer? It’s Camp Glamp all the way for me.