A Summer party with a twist or an engaging environment for a company anniversary – our clients are asking for FUN, INTERACTIVE, and ENERGETIC event ideas that they can make their own. Our ‘Festival in a Day’ is the perfect solution and ticks all those boxes and more. This is a great idea for corporate companies, think about it, Your employees might work together on a daily basis but rarely have the opportunity to mix with each other, or they may be based across the UK or even the globe. With that in mind this concept enables everyone to let their hair down in one place at the same time using a language we all understand – PARTY!

Just Imagine the environment; giant tipis, a main stage for the head line acts and different smaller areas that can house anything from live comedy to themed photobooths and all that falls in between. Mix it up with some tasty festival food stalls, separate themed bar areas, some roaming entertainment and you really could believe that you’re at your own Glastonbury, Big Chill or Woodstock!

“Where will we all stay?” Well if you really want to party like a celebrity you need to be in one of our luxury fully furnished Bell Tents. We can accommodate all your guests by creating a village of bell tents, together with toilets and shower facilities, power and even a welcome reception team if that’s what you want! Lets face it, doing the Beau & Bell way is Pretty Clever and it means that everyone can stay over and the fun doesn’t have to end!

“But we wanted to incorporate some kind of team building into the day, how can we do this?” Easy! There are all sorts of options from building your own Bell tent village (believe us when we say it really isn’t that simple!) to splitting your group into teams who then will need to complete various challenges throughout the day which are then performed later in the evening. Think a Flashmob dance, bandeoke, circus skills, Boomwhacker challenges and creating your own music videos – the list is endless!

“Branding is still important…” No problem – its your festival! You can have your own currency, your own festival styled signage, your own ticketing system, festival lanyards and wristbands; that’s half the fun of it!

We’ve teamed up with some festival experts and together we can help you with all aspects of your festival in comfort and in style…we can even find you the right venue! Give us a bell to chat through your event in more detail or email sam@beauandbell.co.uk