Name that Bell Tent for a chance to win

I thought it’d be a bit of fun to name our Bell tents rather than use numbers. Everything these days seems to be determined by numbers and where you stand in the queue, who gets in first or who’s top of the list! I’m sure there are arguably more interesting things to think about but I’ve given it some thought and on reflection I think being distinguished from others by an ID number is a bit dull and all very very impersonal. After all, can you imagine what a mess it would be in a world where no one has a name?!

Competition: To win Like our facebook page ‘Beau & Bell Tent Hire’ and post or tweet your answer to #namethatbell.  A £20 voucher will go to our favorite name and the best pick of the bunch.

We’re not after #Boatymcboatface (brilliant as it was) but we’ve got a family of bell tents that need names so put your thinking caps on folks and #namethatbell